About the Co-op Cheese Buyers

IMG_0182 (2)

Stephanie, cheese buyer at the Co-op’s Downtown store, was a vegan when she moved to the Pacific Northwest. Her new friends from Lummi Island introduced her to French Tomme de Chevre, and other buttery French cheeses, and she never looked back. After selling cheese at the Bellingham Farmers Market for a local dairy, she tried her hand at making cheese and quickly learned to leave it to the pros.

Steph loves helping people find their new favorite cheese. Her favorites fluctuate seasonally.

When she isn’t eating or talking about cheese, she can be found running around in the Chuckanut woods, probably getting lost. Luckily her sense of taste is better than her sense of direction.

She would love to help you find your favorite cheese and can be found working at the Downtown store Tuesdays–Saturdays, 7:30 am–3 pm.


Ashley was born in Denver and raised in Bellingham. She considers herself a Bellingham native and wouldn’t trade the evergreen trees and Bellingham Bay for anything, except maybe cheese!

Instilled with a love of cheese at a young age by her mother, Ashley’s palate has only diversified and matured over the years. Currently, she craves aged cheeses. There is nothing more satisfying than a bite of nutty, salty, fruity crystalline aged Gouda. However, her cheese tastes change daily and she can often be heard telling the Co-op Deli folks about her “new favorite cheese.”

Ashley has found a home at the Co-op and a passion for specialty cheese and charcuterie. She considers herself lucky to wake up every day and do something she loves. She can’t wait to share her passion for cheese with you and to help you find your new favorite or an old standby.

Ashley can be found at the Cordata store Tuesdays–Saturdays, 8 am–4 pm.


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