A Cheese of the Month Exclusive: Meadowkaas

Allow me to introduce you to my new favorite cheese: Meadowkaas. I knew I loved this cheese as soon as I saw it. As I pulled the wheel of cheese out of its box, I noticed the graphic on it depicted the most quaint Dutch meadow I could imagine. I wanted to be there. The wheel was covered in smooth wax, begging to be cut into. See for yourself:


I have been waiting for this cheese for months and now that it is here, I cannot get enough of it. I’d like you to meet our June Cheese of the Month, Meadowkaas from Uniekaas. It is a spring milk gouda from Holland. This cheese is incredibly special because it is only available for three months out of the year, so enjoy it while you can!

Every spring, tiny slivers of green begin breaking their way through the previously frozen pasture soil. The farmers, affineurs, cheesemongers, patrons and cows of Meadowkaas have been waiting all winter for this glorious sign. As the first grass of spring grows, the cows are put out to pasture to feed on Holland’s bounty. This delicious nutrient-dense grass is the whole reason Meadowkaas exists. The cows that feed on the first spring grass produce milk with a fat content of over 50%. This translates into amazing cheese; Amazing, buttery, decadent, creamy, salty, cheese.

Through the end of June, we are featuring Meadowkaas at $1 off per pound.

We will also be doing a tasting on June 26, 2014. 11 AM to 2 PM Downtown and 3 PM to 6 PM at Cordata.

I invite everyone to come by either store and fall in love with Meadowkaas as much as I have!


Ashley H.



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